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Been a while

It’s been a long while since I’ve been here, but I managed to find it again. 🙂

The last few months have certainly been interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t elaborate too much at the moment, but I can say that this has been quite the test of faith. I will post the entire story after things are all said and done.

God has certainly shown me things and placed me into situations I would have never thought possible.

The biggest lesson I’ve had to learn (and a lesson I’m still trying to fully grasp) is to rely on Him. Before everything happened, I know I was following God’s Will by mentoring to a select few young people.

Without realizing it, I managed to focus more on those relationships than I did on my relationship with God. That’s not to say that God wasn’t right there with me, but He really wanted me to focus on what He had to say.

So God completely turned my world upside down and ripped everything I’ve ever known away from me. He even took away the one relationship that He purposefully put into my life. This has been the most difficult part out of everything and it’s taken me a long time to break down that wall. Once I did get the wall down, God reassured me that this relationship would restored.

Through it all, God has shown me more of Him that I had ever experienced before. Even better still, I’ve truly experienced His Glory. The odds seem stacked against me at the moment, but God is my shield and will protect me from anything the world can throw at me.

The bottom line is this: give everything to God. Don’t keep anything back. When everything is handed to God, He will do exactly what needs to be done.


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